About the Rotary Club of Macomb IL

Origin of Rotary

The first Rotary Club was organized in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois, by Paul Harris, a young lawyer. The name of the new organization was derived from the fact that the original members met in rotation at their various places of business. In 1910, Rotary became international with the formation of a club in Winnepeg, Canada.

Avenues of Service


Club Service

includes all the programs at each meeting and other activities organized by the local club.

Community Service

focuses on involving the membership in community based projects. Macomb Rotary has a certified not-for-profit foundation that helps handle these requests for local community service funds raised by the Club.

Vocational Service

is responsible for educating our members and others about businesses and vocations in our community.

International Service

is mainly involved with exchange student programs, the group study exchange (for adults), and the many special programs of the Rotary International Foundation.