Macomb IL Rotary Club Meetings

Weekly Meetings

Macomb Rotary meets weekly on Tuesday noon at the Macomb Country Club. You are welcome to bring a guest to Rotary. If the guest would be a potential new member, the Club will pay for the meal of the guest. If it is a business guest or personal friend, meal charges are currently $11.50.


The Club wants you to attend the weekly meetings. Attendance is kept at each meeting and reported to the District each month. Rotary’s attendance requirement is intended to help keep us focused on Rotary ideals and to foster a strong and active club.
** Be sure you check your name off on the weekly attendance sheet. **
A member who is absent from four consecutive weeky meetings of the Club shall automatically terminate, unless such absence is made up. If absent from Club meetings, a member has two week prior to the date of the missed meeting and two weeks after the missed meeting to make up the absence.

Make ups

You are encouraged to attend meetings at other clubs. There are Rotary Clubs worldwide, and you are welcome to attend any meeting. This is an exciting — and easy — way to meet new people and experience Rotary at other clubs. Our club will credit your account the price of a meal for every make up you do. Ask for a make-up card and give it to our Club secretary for credit. You should make up 14 days before or 14 days after the absence at a regular club meeting.

Meals and Dues

The Club will bill you for dues and meal expenses quarterly, in advance. Bills are sent out by the Club treasurer.
** The bill should be paid as soon as possible. **
Meals missed are reimbursed (by credit on your billing) only if you make-up the missed meeting by attending another Rotary meeting. Fee schedule: Dues – $108.00 per year billed $37.50 per quarter, meals are billed in advance for the quarter whether or not the member attends the meeting. The cost for member meals is $11.50 per meal with a credit in the next quarter for any meeting made up at another club. Guests of members cost $11.50 which is billed to the member in the following quarter. Visitors pay $11.50.
Dues include dues for the Club, the District, and to Rotary International for the “Rotarian” magazine.